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Aug 5

Jul 25



We climbed this thing after a “night out” and 4 hours sleep

Jul 24

Royal Hideouts - Deaf Sister. I found out about this band from yvynyl and they’re fantastic, reminding me what a modern American Orange Juice might sound like, although they’re interestingly listed as New Wave/Black Metal on MySpace!

A deserted Exeter station

A deserted Exeter station

Creating Web Sites

I’ve just spent the last three months developing a web site. I didn’t know anything about building sites before, except what I’d done back in 2001 using Dreamweaver for the corporate site of
OK – so I knew a bit, but I haven’t created anything since then.

The reason I’ve been developing it, is because I’m setting up a business with a friend. It’s a software based business, which means it’s got to be web based. So I thought I’d get myself up to speed with HTML and CSS for our own site before I started creating a prototype of the product we’ll be developing.

So, it’s take three months. And I’ve learned a lot, which is great. I’m now quite a dab hand at CSS.

The next phase is the protoype which will be based around PHP and MySQL. So that’s going to be the next learning experience. Although I’m not familiar with PHP or MySQL, I did spend 5 years developing database driven products using VB6 / .net and SQLServer, so as far as I’m concerned that part should be easy!

Another part of the offering is that it’s going to be tightly integrated with ‘Social Media’. Which is why I’m starting this blog. After all, if I’m trying to sell something, I better know what I’m talking about (although that doesn’t stop everyone!)

On the top of Moel Siabod

On the top of Moel Siabod